Friday, December 3, 2010

Family Portraits: Tony, Sheila, & Travis

Last week I had the pleasure to take my in-laws pictures. I absolutely love them... they are the best in-laws anyone could ask for. Genuine, Loving, Kind... and the list goes on. 
My father-in-law faithfully pastors a church in Las Vegas, my dearest mother-in-law is a women of many talents she is first a wonderful mother, wife, and grandma, she is a great role model for any women, and my brother-in-law is a junior in high school, he enjoys video games. 
There are a total of four boys, two of which are married(one to me!), 
and one engaged... Travis is the only one still at home.

Live, Love, Laugh..

They told me before we started... we are not very photogenic people... 
And I would have to disagree...

You guys look Great!

 I love this one. Father & Son...

Here's Travis... I've know him since he was seven.. every time I see him he is taller...

 Look at those Dimples! 

I had a great time... What a blessing you all are to me. 
Love you very much! 

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