Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Bridal Portraits: Christina

A girl only gets to wear her wedding dress once, right? Not this one.. she got to wear it TWICE. :)
 Once on her special day... and the other for her Bridal Portraits.  

Bridal Portraits are important because the bride can get a "feel" for her dress and a test run on hair and make-up. Possibly break in the shoes a little. And the portraits can be used as a special wedding gift from the bride to the groom... a beautiful canvas portrait... or a nice print in a frame and years later he will be showing it off on his desk or on the wall in his office. The kind of picture you, as the bride, would be glad he had display. 

It was a beautiful overcast day... and Christina's dress perfectly complimented her tiny little figure. We had a lot of fun taking pictures... Christina is such a delight to photograph! She has a beautiful smile that lights up her whole face and she's SO photogenic. It was a pleasure to capture these cherished memories. 

These are some of my favorite shots from the day... please enjoy....

So Elegant... & Graceful.

Christina searched for months for the "perfect" shoe... it had to be elegant and red!
She saw these and had to have them. I just love the expression on her face in this one...

There's that Beautiful Smile!

Looking Radiant...

I love this one...

One of my Very Favorite shots of the day! 

A view from above...

Gorgeous!! (Another Favorite of mine)

Christina... Mitchell is a very blessed man.. to have such a beautiful wife! 
See you guys Saturday for Yahtzee or Clue... ;)   Love you!

Baby Portraits: Harlee Jo

Harlee is my adorable red-headed niece, who I love dearly. This summer while visiting my family in Nevada, I had the privilege to capture a few photos of her in a.... Watermelon! 
She just LOVED it... (I thought she would cry, because its slimy... I know I would have) 
Instead, she was just chopping down on it. She is such a cutie! 
Please Enjoy a few of my favorite pictures from the day...

Oh, how I love her....

Friday, June 3, 2011

Baby Portraits: Harlee Jo

When we were little girls... my sister and I  would play "house".  We would argue over who would be the "mommy" since neither of us wanted to be told what to do by the other.
I was the big sister so I always won. Well Sis... finally... its your turn to be Mommy...
And what an adorable little red head you have!
Introducing my darling neice.... Harlee Jo...
Big blues eyes... just like her beautiful mommy...

Mommy & Daddy's Rings...

Just look at that Red Hair!

My Sis... being Mommy.

Love you both!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Engagement: Mitchell & Christina

The gown is fitted, the tuxes are rented, the DJ is booked, the flowers are picked(well not yet... technically), the families are excited, the rings are bought.... these two are ready for their Big Day!
Mitchell & Christina are getting married this May, and I am super excited! Not only do I have the honor of being Christina's matron of honor,  I have the honor of becoming her sister... why you ask... well she is marrying my brother-in-law, of course! Mitchell just adores her, he is such a gentlemen... opening car doors, opening all doors for her (and me sometimes :), glances over to her and just smiling, taking photos all day,(I know its not always the funnest thing to do)...
You two are absolutely fabulous to photography! :)
Fab Ring! (Mitchell... Good Job!)

I have a lot of favorite pictures from this day, this is definitely one of them...

 This one says "Classic Love"...

Another Fav....Christina your beautiful! (Can't you just see the love in their eyes?!)

We took this at an old mission in Santa Barbara...
 I loved the contrast of the old worn walls and new Love!

 I LOVE this Bench! (Just something about it!)

We went to the Beach and took some pictures... I Love them all!

Seriously... gorgeous ring!

This one was fun... Christina & Mitchell you are so photogenic!

Just having some Fun...

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to capture these moments in your lives.
There will be many more I am sure! You both are seriously amazing to photograph, the camera loves you and so do I! Can't wait for the wedding!!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Meant to Be Together

Love is patient, love is kind and is not jealous; 
love does not brag and is not arrogant -Corinthians 13:4

I Love... Love Stories!!

Whether it’s a good book, movie, real life story, commercial (yup... even those) I Love... Love Stories!
I own every book by Jane Austen, and the movies. (Ryan even enjoys them from time to time, but don't let him know that you know ;) ) Nicholas Sparks melts my heart with his romantic falling-in-love books & movies. But it is Real Life stories that I enjoy most... (Mine of course is my favorite! I will tell you it at another time.)
Not all stories are perfect or even romantic... but time always tells.
Their is this couple I know that models just that... a real... real life love story...

Their story starts out not like any other...
They were on their way to California for an Bon Jovi concert, found out she was pregnant, got hitched at the Circle of Doom in Reno, NV(Yes.... Circle of Doom, a little marriage chapel) They were building their family... he had 2 sons from a previous marriage... who he was raising and within the next 2 years they would add two girls... making it now a Family of 6! He was a gold miner... (yup a real life miner!) When the mine shut down.. they had to relocate. Over the course of the next 18 years... they would endure much to test their marriage... struggling finances, marriage problems, months of separation almost leading to divorce, teenagers who constantly got in trouble, visits from the police, a death of a son, cancer, and the list goes on.
When she found out she had stage 4 cancer, she was not sure she would make it... neither did he, although he would never admit it. They spent the next 6 months fighting it, together! His and Her co-workers generously donated their vacation time month after month, so they would not have to worry about paying the bills, feeding their 2 children still at home... they did not miss one paycheck that whole 6 months! After rigorous chemo & radiation treatments she was cancer free! Praise God! The month after she was declared in remission her daughter got married.
Within the next 5 years they came to know true love which is found in Christ Jesus, they put their faith in Him! There other daughter would married in 2009.
They would also enjoy the blessings of life together too... grandkids, watching their kids grow up, and growing old together.
I am proud to say that this past January... they celebrated their 24th Wedding Anniversary... and Yes, that’s pretty amazing! 
I admire them both for sticking it out through the hard times...  
They were Meant to Be Together.

Happy Valentines Day! 
(And if you have a wonderful love story you would like to share, email me, I would love to hear it!)

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Family Portraits: Nick, Melanie, Jayden, Aaryn, & Bryton

lyA few weeks ago... I went to my hometown in Nevada to throw my sisters baby shower. 
Also that weekend I had the privilege to photograph the adorable Pay Family. 
Nick is an archeologist for the BLM and Melanie is a stay at home mom.. busy with 3 beautiful blue eyed boys Jayden, Aaryn, & Bryton. 
The boys are full of energy and spunk as little boys should be! ;)

We went up to Pioche to take pictures and there was still snow on the ground! 
It was chilly, but we made the best of it. This is in front of the Million Dollar Court House.

Melanie & Aaryn. I think this one is so precious...

Nick, Jayden, & Bryton. 

All Smiles...

My Favorite Family Portrait of the Day! 

 Melanie you are beautiful!

 We were actually in someones driveway... taking this one. So we had to be quick.

Nick & Melanie... you are such a gorgeous couple, you were great to photography,
you knew exactly how to pose, great smiles...

 Bryton, 6 months, has the MOST Beautiful Blue eyes I've ever seen...

 And a cute smile.

Just look at those eyes... they amaze me!

 I will admit this is one of my favorite pictures of the day! 
Once Aaryn got his blankie, in went his thumb, it was adorable!

 Jayden, the oldest, is such a cutie, full of energy & life... 
Another one of my Favorites!

Nick & Melanie thanks again for allowing me to take your Adorable Families Portraits!