Monday, February 21, 2011

Engagement: Mitchell & Christina

The gown is fitted, the tuxes are rented, the DJ is booked, the flowers are picked(well not yet... technically), the families are excited, the rings are bought.... these two are ready for their Big Day!
Mitchell & Christina are getting married this May, and I am super excited! Not only do I have the honor of being Christina's matron of honor,  I have the honor of becoming her sister... why you ask... well she is marrying my brother-in-law, of course! Mitchell just adores her, he is such a gentlemen... opening car doors, opening all doors for her (and me sometimes :), glances over to her and just smiling, taking photos all day,(I know its not always the funnest thing to do)...
You two are absolutely fabulous to photography! :)
Fab Ring! (Mitchell... Good Job!)

I have a lot of favorite pictures from this day, this is definitely one of them...

 This one says "Classic Love"...

Another Fav....Christina your beautiful! (Can't you just see the love in their eyes?!)

We took this at an old mission in Santa Barbara...
 I loved the contrast of the old worn walls and new Love!

 I LOVE this Bench! (Just something about it!)

We went to the Beach and took some pictures... I Love them all!

Seriously... gorgeous ring!

This one was fun... Christina & Mitchell you are so photogenic!

Just having some Fun...

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to capture these moments in your lives.
There will be many more I am sure! You both are seriously amazing to photograph, the camera loves you and so do I! Can't wait for the wedding!!

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